Stéphane Lapierre

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Stephan is the Founder and Senior Consultant at Stelap Consulting.  He has decades of business experience, including positions in Human Resources, Senior management team, Project management, Creative solution implementations, Sales and IT. Having a Master’s Degree in Business Management with HR and management specialisations, he also has always been involved in Computer & Accounting.  He understands all challenges faced by businesses during their starting, growing and maturing phases.


When Stephan started his already prosperous consulting firm in Victoria in 2013, he raised the level of customer service by dedicating all efforts to satisfy every client. His strong analytical and problem solving skills help him to make sure that every client gets what he deserves, that means « The best deal on the market for the best price ».


Offering 23+ years of expertise in high customer satisfaction, management, human resources and administration including: negotiation, conflict resolution and change management, Stephan offers a proven experience in collaborating with senior management to undertake strategic planning in order to support and advance corporate goals.


He is a motivated leader, results-oriented with the following key skills that help support his role in Stelap Consulting:
Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
Multi-level bargaining and conciliation
Implementing creative solutions
Excellent interaction with all players
Passion for achieving high customer satisfaction
Leadership in change management
Possess « big-picture » thinking